2018: I wish I had new, finished art to display. If you want
my comic to make a comeback, let me know.

News: I'm busy. Expect delays. I'm sure you're so surprised.
Hey, guess what? I'm an alcoholic. That tends to happen.
If you like my artwork and my critters, you might be
interested in checking out my CafePress site where you'll find
mugs and such with my characters on them.

Should you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for
my site, you can reach me at
If You Would Like to Contact Me:
Twitter- @AngrySlinky
Tumblr: Tallonroe.tumblr.com
XBOX LIVE- Tallonroe (We play Minecraft sometimes.)
Elder Scrolls Online PC: @TallonRoe
Discord: DapperWolf#2474
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